Welcome to La Leche League Utah and Idaho!

We provide breastfeeding help & support across Utah and Idaho.

La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to parents who want to breastfeed.

La Leche League believes breastfeeding gives the best possible start for good parenting and helps to develop and deepen the close relationship between a nursing parent and their child. Leaders in your area have nursed their own children and been accredited by La Leche League International. They are qualified to provide information about nursing and related issues, as well as offer support on an informal mother-to-mother basis. LLL Leaders are volunteers.

“Some of your friends may have told you all about their tough experiences. Maybe your mother couldn’t breastfeed and you wonder if you’ll have trouble, too. The great news is that we’ve learned a lot since your mother tried. We’ve learned more about understanding and respecting the instincts that you and your baby both have. We’ve learned that the fewer interventions you have during birth, the easier these instincts will be to tap into. And La Leche League is always here to help you work through any issues that come up.”  – The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

You can do this. For support, encouragement, or answers to your breastfeeding questions, call a La Leche League Leader anytime.

In addition to individual phone help, La Leche League offers a monthly series of four meetings. You may begin attending at any meeting. Those who are expecting their child will find it helpful to start attending La Leche League meetings before the baby arrives.

La Leche League meetings are informal discussions and loosely follow the topics below, but each meeting has it’s own flavor and groups are always happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have, no matter the topic. Nursing children are always welcome.

Meeting topics:

  • The Importance of Breastfeeding
  • The Baby Arrives: The Family and the Breastfeeding Baby
  • Meeting Breastfeeding Challenges
  • Nutrition and Weaning

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All nursing parents, regardless of LLL membership, are welcome to attend meetings and contact LLL Leaders for breastfeeding help. Help from LLL is always free.

Members of the media, please contact Susan Johnson with LLL Salt Lake City.

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