Emergency Preparedness

September is Emergency Preparedness month and this is certainly an important topic for those of us who live in wildfire zones, like Utah. As you make your emergency plans, it’s important to consider what you need to have in place to care for the youngest members of your family and helpful to consider how breastfeeding factors in. Here is an excellent article from La Leche League USA on the topic of Breastfeeding in an Emergency.

Breastfeeding in an Emergency

The US Federal Government’s website is an excellent starting place if you are learning about why and how to be prepared for an emergency: https://www.ready.gov/plan

Utah’s Government website also has some excellent information specific to how to prepare in our state and discussing which natural disasters we most need to consider: https://www.utah.gov/beready/index.html

Utah State University has created an number of fact sheets and downloadables to help you with your emergency preparedness. If you sign up for their newsletter you can receive a free pamphlet to fill in to help keep track of all your most important phone numbers and other information in an emergency: https://extension.usu.edu/preparedness/